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Lifestyle Philosophy

The lifestyle philosophy of The Residences of Villa Polonia is to provide a multi-generational fellowship opportunity to our residents.

The key goals for the amenity offering are need based, practical, and value driven. As a result we expect some amenities will be free of charge for all residents while other services will be organized on a user pay basis. We intend that our amenity programs will be staffed primarily by community and resident volunteers, while future food and health services will be contracted out to qualified service providers.

All the physical requirements for the various amenity offerings are being planned for concurrently with the project development. Most of the recreational programs will be introduced very early on.

However, it is expected that some amenities (i.e. daycare, food and professional services) will not be operational when the complex first opens. These programs introduced over time on an as needed & financially prudent basis.

As an example, the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King for Polonia (http://www.mchr.pl/) play an important role in support of youth development and seniors care within our community. It is planned that the Sisters will provide a central role in these capacities to the residents of Villa Polonia.