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Indoor Amenity Overview

The Residences of Villa Polonia Administration & Welcome Office is located on the main parking level between the two residential buildings. Patios, benches and a colonnade greet visitors. Access to the amenity level is by elevator and full glass staircase overlooking the valley lands. The use of space on the main lower Amenity level is being guided by community & resident needs which will progress over time to include a variety of potential uses such as:

  1. Storage Lockers
  2. Laundry
  3. Future Daycare Facility
  4. Wellness Services
  5. Chapel
  6. Event Room
  7. Sisters Support
  8. Library
  9. Clubrooms
  10. Laundry
  11. Bicycle Storage

Wellness Services

Partnerships with professional services organizations have been established and will operate out of the Amenity building. These service providers will focus on ensuring that our senior residents have access to programs and care that they need. Also available for less mobile seniors, is an assisted bathing area. As our needs change, so too will the use of the Wellness Service area.

The Chapel

A small chapel has been designed into the amenity area to offer families or individuals the opportunity for a special place of worship or counsel.

Event Room

Our largest room will provide excellent space for a variety of event types including future dining, presentations, and resident based special occasisions/activities. The room has a "state of the art" audio video capability and can accommodate over 100 seated guests or up to 200 people. Our longer term plans include a fully functional dining room for residents to enjoy along with their guests. It is anticipated that the need for such a service will grow as the community "ages in place".

Sisters Support

The Missionary Sisters of Christ the King for Polonia (http://www.mchr.pl) will provide a central office to engage residents for a variety of needs within the scope of their mission. Jasinski Legacy is pleased to offer the Sisters a quiet and private space to establish their important activities for residents.


Our clubrooms offer plenty of space to facilitate social clubs or organized activities including family or smaller private or community events. The room can be divided into two separate rooms as required or operate as one room for larger functions. The room(s) consist of a fully functional kitchen and "state of the art" audio visual equipment for presentations or movies. The room also adjoins the outdoor patio. Reserved through the Property Management Office, these rooms are available to residents on a first come first reserved basis. Nominal Fees may or may not apply depending on the function.


The library provides quiet reading enjoyment and or social space including fireside seating. In addition, computer terminals will offer internet connectivity for a host of needs as well as onsite "pay for use" printing.